"Jesus and Muhammad have visited me!" - Redcliffe Outreach

This is when things got really weird. The man said that he couldn’t believe what we were saying, as Jesus had visited him in a dream and took him to Heaven. While in Heaven, this man claims Jesus revealed all the truth to him, and that ‘truth’ was that the Bible cannot be trusted. He also said that Muhammad had also visited him. I asked the man to explain further; he replied by saying, “Jesus and Muhammad have visited me!”

Redcliffe Outreach

Before too long crowds of people were gathering in our location all getting ready to play Pokemon Go. One bystander said he thought hundreds of people were now in the area, all of which were playing a single game. As a team we looked upon this gathering as God's providence on display. He had brought a crowd to our location in order to hear the gospel, so I did something I have never done in Redcliffe before, I preached in the open-air…