JW's, Pantheists, and open hearts - Redcliffe Outreach

Things were quite a bit slower today at our Redcliffe outreach. Something we have found is that when the weather is perfect, less people are inclined to stop and talk. Yet, despite things being a bit sluggish we were still able to hand out numerous tracts and talk to a few people.

It was a joy to have fellowship and labour alongside Andrew from OAC Ministries, who took over the Queensland Branch after I finished in May. It is always great to work alongside a likeminded brother. Since it was just him and I on the team today, we had plenty of opportunities to talk about the ministry.

As the outreach progressed, a number of people took literature, but not many stopped to browse the free Bible table. As I was handing out tracts an elderly lady from the JW’s decided to put me in my place. She told me that I was wrong for believing that Jesus is God. I answered her statement by saying, “What do you do with Hebrews 1:8, where the Father calls the Son, God?” She said, “That’s just your Bible, then stormed off.” Even though we had a brief interaction, I do hope the seed of truth would be enough to cause her to start to think.


Throughout the day, both Andrew and I had opportunity to talk to many Christians who were encouraged by the work of evangelism. Our goal in this ministry is not just to reach the lost, but also to encourage the Church for the work of the ministry. The Christians we met today come from throughout Australia, so our prayer is that they will go home and evangelise their community.


Even though things were slow, I did manage to have a couple of good gospel conversations. The first was with Ash, who had a mixture of views, but seemed to be heavily influenced by pantheism. We chatted for several minutes about the gospel. I explained the truth to him, but he openly rejected it. I stressed to him the need of repentance and faith. He took a tract and left.


After this I got into conversation with two young New Zealanders. One of them attended church, the other had no biblical understanding whatsoever. I spoke to them about who God is, and how He is the creator. I then explained to them that since God made all things He gets to set the rules. From there I spoke about the Ten Commandments, sin, and the gospel. At the end of the conversation both young men thanked me for being there and took a tract. Please pray the Lord would save them.

Despite things being slow the gospel still marched on. Please pray the Lord Jesus would rescue many.


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