6 Year Old Girl: "I don't believe in God!"


It was picture perfect weather today in Redcliffe; the sun was shining, the skies were clear, and the beaches were full of people celebrating Australia Day. For this afternoon’s outreach we moved down to Sutton’s Beach as the local council had put on a special event that attracted thousands of people to come out in order to celebrate the founding of our nation.

On 26 January 1788, the First Fleet arrived from Britain; with them came the gospel. While many people may debate over our history, I think the arrival of the gospel on our shores is something to be celebrated, and what better way to celebrate than by telling Australian’s about the Good News!

At 2pm the Operation 513 team arrived and commenced the outreach; immediately tracts began to be handed out with people gladly receiving them. Over the course of three hours,
we distributed about 1500 “Good Aussie” tracts. Before too long numerous conversations were underway. One of our team members, Col, later remarked that he had personally spoken to about 20 people in three hours.


The first couple I spoke to were “Religiously Christian,” with the male being of Greek Orthodox background and the female of Roman Catholic beliefs. I asked them, “If you were to die tonight, and God asked you, ‘Why should I let you into my Heaven?’ What would you say?” The man replied, “I am a reformed sinner, I try my hardest.” The lady said, “He’d let me in because I am a nice person.” We then chatted about God’s holiness and how He cannot allow sin into Heaven. As we spoke about these things both of them realised that they were not holy and that they deserved Hell. It was a joy to be able to tell the good news of Jesus. They listened intently as I explained the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. At the end of our conversation they both shook my hand and thanked me for the conversation.

It was at this point that Vesa called me over to the flip-chart. A father and his two young daughters had stopped as they wanted to take the “Good Person Test.” It is always hard to have a conversation with children present, but the Lord gave me the right words.


The most startling and heartbreaking thing for me, was to hear the youngest girl, who would have been about 6 years old say several times, “I don’t believe in God.” She was adamant that God did not exist, but still I persisted in sharing the gospel with her. As we spoke the father made sure that his daughters understood, and encouraged them to listen. The man wasn’t a Believer, but he was really supportive of his girls learning about Jesus. At the end of the conversation the father told me he had a hard time understanding repentance and faith, especially since that means child molesters can say ‘sorry’ then go to Heaven. I shared with him about true repentance, and also the Lord Jesus’ words from Matthew 18:6 about God’s view on those who harm children. The man was content to know that God would judge wicked men and do what is right.


As that family left, it really grieved me to see such a young girl being committed to atheism at 6 years old. This young lady would never go to church, nor would she have ever heard the truth if we hadn’t gone out on the streets to witness. The lost aren’t coming to Church, so we need to go to them!

Many other conversations throughout the day with cult-members, religious people, atheists, and those who were indifferent. It seemed like every member of the team had numerous conversations over the course of the afternoon,

Please pray that the gospel seed would fall upon good soil and that many would be saved.


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